Friday, November 10, 2017

My First DD/bg ABDL Date With kitten

So this past weekend was a brand new experience for me as a Daddy.  As a Daddy, my activates with Little's had been with those who identified as anywhere to Middies to Adults who were looking for a Daddy Disciplinarian.  These were areas I have always been comfortable with.  I could appreciate those Littles who identified much younger and who were involved in ABDL. It just wasn’t my thing.
ABDL was always off my list because bodily fluids were on my list of hard limits.  I also was not actually involved in the Littles community to any great extent.  When kitten first started explaining where she was as a Little, it became obvious that I would at least have to get comfortable with a babygirl who identified younger than my previous experiences.   A couple of months ago she told me that she had been triggered to the need to utilize pull ups.   I have to admit that my first reactions were not terribly supportive since this meant dealing with a hard limit. 
This is how I imagined I looked when I said my head

But I'm pretty sure it was more like this

When kitten told me the reasons why being in pull ups was important and that it was not simply a fetish.  We agreed to the next time we got together it would be a full on Daddy/bg night. We made plans to build a fort and have a night all about her little side and that it would involve actually putting her in a pull up.   I have to say the actual act of removing a grown Woman's panties to help her into pull ups was a moment but because we had discussed it and from the time she entered my house she was in complete Little's mode.  This eased my thinking and I was accessing another part of my Daddy side I probably had never fully accessed.  But it was done and we simply moved on.  Quite frankly I wasn't even thinking of it from that point on.
She did look cute. Not actually, my kitten but you get the picture
Now for the tent building and stuffies intro's, that was another things.  Formally being introduced to a portion of her stuffies which I knew was just a small portion of her collection, was awkward cute, I think, she'd have to answer that.  As she poured out the contents of the tent building kit I couldn't help but laugh because it was adorable as the contents poured out onto my floor.
As we started to build the tent it was a comedy of errors and work around because there were no instructions.  As we were building it I was also thinking...what if there was an accident what would happen to my floors, which are new and would it spillover to my Turkish rug and what if...what if...every what if was going through my head.  As we stood there admiring the completed tent kitten reminded me that I hadn't laid down the towels to prevent any mess.  I'm sure I rolled my eyes and sighed as I went to go get two towels to slide into the tent, which came with it's own laughable moments because this wasn't the most secured tent and any movement would cause a part to disconnect, but we finally had everything in place and I had to smiles as she contorted her body to fit inside. 
Once she was we picked a movie to watch. The Emoji movie was her choice.  kitten always gets an urge for grilled cheese sandwiches, but when I went to the kitchen I realized I didn't have the right cheese, but I did have tortillas and shredded the Mexican cheese so a quesadilla it was with a little green chili salsa for dipping. 
She seemed OK with the substitute.
About half way through the movie I heard the words. "Daddy I'm wet".  I took a deep sigh and went to collect the baby wipes and powder.  Opening the Baby wipes, no problem, the confusion as I tried to get the top off, all the while imagining this burst of white powder exploding in my face an all over everything...quit laughing like that has never happened to anyone...finally I let kitten know I was having a problem.  She held out her hand to take it and as she simply removed the protective strip I had to fight back the urge to say thanks...smartalec. 
Once I had removed the pull up and began to clean her up I wasn't thinking anything.  It was like what I remembered doing the same for my kids.   When everything was all done I had to think about what to do with a wet towel and onesie. Depositing everything in my tub just as I had done many times over years ago. And it was out of sight out of mind.

When the accident happened I think she was more upset than I.  I think I was ok, partially because it was apparent she had probably caught herself in time.  But the way she ran away I knew that I had to think about her before anything else and it really wasn't an issue.  It was all very instinctive and non-reactionary.  I just wanted her to know everything was good.

After the night was over and kitten was heading home.  I reflected on what the night meant for kitten, for me and our relationship.  I can't say that I the idea of changing pull ups is something I'm looking at as a full time thing.  And I hope that because of the discussions we had had about it all that the next time we have a night like that that it will be something that we have to think through.
All in all I hope that it gave us another layer of connection.

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